Overcoming and Accepting Crisis: Opportunity Versus Distress

The various crises in our lives can manifest in multitudinous ways, showing itself in many forms, such as a health issue, a financial problem, betrayal of a loved one, death of a family member, etc., For me, as may also be for you, a major crisis in my life was symptom onset from my Chiari Malformation. Crises offer an opportunity to learn about ourselves and each other; how well we can understand ourselves and connect to our higher self is an enabling feat that can, quite literally, heal not only our bodies but minds and spirits as well. Furthermore, there is much wisdom in moving through a crisis. For example, as I was working to regain a balanced physiology, the work that I did allowed for an incredible leap in understanding my body, mind and spirit. I am more connected to myself than ever before.

Between crisis (symptom onset), nonjudgemental acknowledgement (rebalancing) and finally acceptance (healing), there is a space where one can understand the purpose of the crisis: Why is this happening to me right now? What am I to gain? Sometimes it is only later when the realization of a crisis that felt so upsetting in the moment can actually result in positive movement and momentum in our lives, actively changing us in profound ways. Thinking about crises as an opportunity for betterment is difficult - the work involved in progressing through rebalancing, during which our body may not be functioning well or we are acutely symptomatic, has a deep effect on efforts to move beyond the crisis. Perseverance, love and patience help to open the door to acceptance and healing. This is the challenge for us, but once the door has been opened we can step over the threshold to a better understanding of ourselves and experience a new physiological paradigm. A new you. In my own healing journey, I am undoubtedly a better me than before, symptom free and able to love my mind, spirit and body - something I had struggled with for years before my symptom onset, but was deeper during those days of feeling unable to move or think, and in pain.

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