Eliminate Negative Patterning and Chiari Malformation "Progression"

I've written about this before on the site but upon reading recent forum posts focused on progression of tonsil herniation I feel it's necessary to emphasize the importance of rebalancing our bodies both emotionally and physically. It is my opinion that unless one heals their body (the thinking being that symptom onset occurred because of an imbalance in the system), there will be "progression," just not in the herniation. The progression may occur through further imbalance that is never remedied and may reveal itself not in the brain stem (remember the body works as a whole), but arise in other parts of the body and in the nervous system such as tremors, lurching, eye twitching, etc. Adding to this imbalance, aging also plays a role. As our bodies age we may find it more challenging to rebalance as easily as we would if we were younger, simply lacking resources that were available earlier in our lives. Until we rebalance symptoms, or "progression," will continue and may eventually worsen (I've yet to find data in regards to this, however).

So, what does this say about negative patterning. A lot. I'm not talking about just emotional and spiritual health. Negative patterning spans across all aspects of our lives: physiologically and psychologically.

Physiologically, negative patterning can originate and be sustained by eating foods that our bodies are intolerant of, stress, over-consumption of alcohol and lack of physical movement to name a few. Obviously eating processed foods or junk food is not a good thing, so I won't talk about this except for briefly: eat whole foods. When a body is healing it is quite important not to add stress to an already stressed system. Therefore, whole foods and more vegetables than fruit than meat the better. Outside of not eating junk food, our bodies become intolerant of foods we consume regularly, regardless of how healthy they are. There are myriad ways to find what you're body is intolerant of: elimination diet, safe fasting and getting a food intolerance test. If you're like me when I was experiencing acute symptoms in 2012, I really couldn't eat anyway, which worked out for me very well. Resources and energy my body would have been using to digest and assimilate foods was going directly to rebalancing my system instead. Fasting requires management, however. It can be dangerous if not done correctly. The more intolerant our bodies are to certain foods we eat, the more resources it requires to digest and incorporate the food, shifting the energy focus from healing to stress.

Lack of movement, even gentle stretching, can also effect positivity. It's amazing what a stress reliever a few basic stretches are! Walking for me also is a great way to focus on positive thoughts and also to get the blood moving. Both of these are also good to alleviate stress.

Getting our heads on straight, literally, helps to rebalance the mind and spirit and therefore the body. This is where the struggle begins, insofar as creating a different mindset for ourselves. As we all know, a chronic condition is painful, confusing, frightening and, let's face it, sometimes excruciatingly intolerable. See all these negative words I used? For me, unless I was sleeping, negative thought patterning was a constant. Everything was always down, down. Gravity, lips in a frown, eyes looking downward, tears, and so on. I'm guessing it's like this for others with our condition, depending on the severity of symptoms, and others dealing with a chronic illness.

In 2013 I read Peace is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh, which is truly an insightful book. In it I found one of my favorite practices called conscious breathing. "Present Moment, Wonderful Moment" is a beautiful and profound statement in that it reminds us to be in and enjoy the now. The exercise was beneficial to me:

Focus for a moment and close your eyes. Begin by breathing in and recite these words,

Breathing in I calm my body

Breathing out, I smile

Dwelling in the present moment,

I know it's a wonderful moment!

"You know a smile can relax hundreds of muscles in you face. Wearing a smile is a sign that you are master of yourself." Exactly, Mr. Hahn, exactly!

Wisdom and Beauty

Other than conscious breathing being a good method to calm and center yourself, meditation for even a half an hour every day can really set our minds in a better place. Even go so far as to envision love in your brain stem collecting bright golden light then release it into the atmosphere. Seriously. It sounds kooky to those that don't practice meditation, but once you get the hang of it, outlooks can be brighter.

Alright, that's it for now. Let's alter progression by rebalancing our bodies and minds - it takes effort, but this is the only way to genuinely heal. Love ourselves and our bodies, and LAUGH.

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