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Other alternative methods of healing can be utilized to either support or shift physiology. These are, but not limited to: acupuncture, reiki, rolfing, cranial sacral therapy and shiatsu massage. Obviously choosing any of these requires your due diligence and necessary understanding by both parties of the state of your physical body.



This is a great article on how meditation affects your brain. 

As listed in the footer of this site, I encourage listening to and singing along with this version of the Gayatri mantra. The video also contains the meaning of the individual words of the mantra. Give this beautiful rendition a try - you won't be disappointed. 


A Chiari story from Dr. Steven N. McDonald, D.C.:

This 60 year old patient came in complaining of headaches, neck pain, vertigo, full body pain, loss of energy and many other symptoms. Her condition was increasing in intensity in recent years and she began seeking medical care. She had been involved in a motorcycle accident in her 20's, in which she flipped over the handlebars hitting her head.

She received a MRI at the same time she was coming in to consult with me by a neurologist. He found a Chirari Malformation at the base of her brainstem and recommended she not come to me for chiropractic care. After reviewing her skull and cervical spine x-rays, I informed her that her head and neck were displaced (misaligned) off to the right frontal plane and rotated forward on the right. The right side of her body was contracted with a right short leg and the pelvis elevated and rotated on the right. I told her my adjustment would be very gentle and I could gently restore her head and neck back upright to the vertical axis. I reassured her that their should not be any contraindications to this gentle realignment. She consented to my treatment, because she did not feel that the medical profession offered her any hope and she did not want surgery.

After I treated her and restored her head and neck back to an upright position and removed the rotation, the muscles on the right side of her body relaxed, balancing her pelvis and leg length. She immediately said she felt lighter. She returned to my office later that week saying she felt like she was 20 yrs old again with no symptomatology and had not had this much energy in 40 yrs. Her husband told me he couldn't believe the difference in her condition. He said that she was like a young girl again.

It has been almost 8 months since I treated her and she continues to be almost completely symptom free.

She is so pleased that she did not take her neurologist's advice. Besides, he indicated that upper cervical surgery might be needed. She and her husband are extremely pleased that they did not take that route. She has been so happy with the NUCCA treatment that I was able to offer her (NUCCA National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association).

Patients with a Chiari Malformation should see an upper cervical specialist to see if they can be helped. Not everyone can be helped, but especially if it was caused by a trauma, there might be treatment. A consultation with a proper exam and x-ray evaluation is needed.

It was truly an honor and delight to have been able to have helped this patient.